WHY do YOU care?

Ok, this post is a tad blunt, but seriously, I have to ask… WHY do YOU care? Whatever you thought of when I asked that, whatever you may care about, I’m sure you have your reasons. For the most part though it’s because humans are inherently selfish; consciously or not. We want what we want, and history shows that we will fight to get what we want; if we care about it enough.

You cannot fight the fact that you don’t want something if you care about it, that’s how most feds lock people up with just motive alone. We can try to show we don’t care about it, but eventually the truth comes out and we are confronted with our values. Our “true colors” (our actions) show us and everyone else how selfish we really are. Isn’t that the beauty of life, haha!

There is no other creature like us. Capable of doing the human things we do, yet we all seem to think we are failures of some kind. How is that possible? Because we never get what we want? Even when we get what we have wanted our whole lives, it will never be enough. We always want more.

Humans will go to great lengths to get what they want if they care, but other questions arise…such as:

Why do they care about this particular thing or person?

Why do they want it?

When humans go to extreme measures to get what they want that can be scary to others, which makes complete sense. Of course, these questions may scare you to think about as well.

Do they know they care about this?

Are they aware that this is what they want?

Even when we want things, our selfishness overrules and we don’t care for them enough, or about people we once did. Instead, we go back to where we started, back to square one, wanting more and trying to make a meaning. That is the underlying cycle of life is it not? To run around like chickens with our heads cut off constantly changing the meaning to life so we can stay alive. Everyone thinks of death at some point in their life and we do have the choice to opt out right now but that’s not what we all want is it? If that were true we would be those chickens running around with our heads cut off, but were a fragile society that is made up of millions of people making a meaning of life. Can you blame life for being so absurd? The answer lies within your own meaning to life. How absurd can it be? Ha-ha!

Sometimes it’s blind attraction, we’re often drawn to things that are dangerous or ‘bad’ for us because of the thrill and the adrenaline rush. In the moment, we’re not sure what we want and care about is bad for us, because we’re selfish.

Once all is said and done, and your turning the page into the next chapter, it’s the experience you had in the last one that will change your values. A new page, a new chapter and new values that will change again once you’ve turned enough pages.

We can all list a few people that have used us for their own good, and we can also list more than a few people we have taken advantage of without even realizing it. The secretary, the customer service lady on the phone, the bank teller, the school kid in the drive thru making your coffee, or even your partner; we’re all just trying to make meaning. The people you see on the street are on their own chapter of their own book, you’re just someone walking by or you could become a character in their chapters to come. We don’t really know what’s going to happen next unless we turn the page.

I am considering making a podcast because as I talk to people about my website it seems they understand more when I explain it rather than reading it themselves. Some people don’t have the time, or find it hard to read and understand which is makes complete sense. Not everyone’s brain is the same.

“This is going to sound childish, but life reminds me of the Goosebumps: choose your own story books, because you’d flip through all these pages of a scary plot line (life) and all of a sudden you have to make a decision, you have to choose which page to turn to. What do you want next? Life is like that. We’re constantly on the go, flipping page after page until we can’t. We have to decide which page we’re going to jump to and it’s tough. Sometimes we can’t tell what we want or what we care about. Worse, if you’re indecisive or rationalistic, but everyone’s book choices are different… I choose the path with most adventure, more to explore and question. I’ve tried to take the quiet path but when nothing happens in life you get bored. Life loses its meaning that it once had, and you struggle to find it on the same page, all you have to do is flip the page and start a new chapter.”


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I am human, just like you. I have been around for 20 years and although it may not be a lot of time to some, it feels like I've been alive forever. To cope with all the things my life has given me; good and bad, I've always been a writer. Maybe I didn't know or necessarily want to be a writer, but I was always on the creative side, not really understanding how different I was from others; I'm really not that different from you. To this day I'm still eager to learn more about myself, to improve and grow amorphously. I want to use this fuel of constant self-discovery as the direct source of 'energy' that can create whatever I want it to, making writing for me a healthier coping mechanism than most I've tried in my lifetime. That being said, I believe that starting my blog, The Existentialist, (all thanks to Wordpress and Bluehost teams) I finally have the opportunity and creative outlet to unleash my passion for art; writing. The beginning is never easy, and it won't get much easier I am aware. I can only believe in myself and keep my expectations to a minimum; I like to believe I hold no expectations, but they seem unavoidable. To whoever reads this, I'm not one to care about views or reads, I won't encourage/pressure you to read my work because for me, the thrill really comes from just making a finished piece of work I'm happy with, regardless if it is read by others or not; judgement from others is what I've feared all my life. I can only encourage you to have an open mind as a reader and believe in me as much as I believe in myself to accumulate the courage to start showing my creative writing(art) to the world. Everybody creates things in their lifetime, I am just another one of those beings; whether you like it or not, nouns (persons, places and 'things') exist to teach us something about ourselves. There is always more to learn...

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