Don’t Blame Yourself.

I find it really easy to believe anything I see, even if it isn’t the real deal. It is an illusion of sorts that I created so I didn’t have to believe my reality. We all do this. When reality slaps you in the face, it is really easy to believe anything you want. Especially if what you believe is easier to deal with than reality.

As human beings we constantly crave the need for someone or something to be part of and with. The act of being alone, maybe forever, is sometimes a scary and degrading thought. You may feel you will never be good enough for that someone or something, you get all caught up in the idea of what you are not and you forget what you are. My theory behind this happening stems from the theory (and saying) ‘you can only believe it when you see it.’

Accept Your Reality.


You are a creator, but not God. You are not God, but God is a creator.

The Meaning of Life: Philosophical Theories. Emriyus. 2021

I have caught myself believing what I see, but in all the wrong ways. I am not seeing the real deal, I am seeing what I want to see… and what I don’t. I am creating a reality of what may exist, but it does not exist right now. In this present moment I have to decide what thoughts I am going to believe. Although I have been doing my best, I really played myself because I have not taken a moment to stop and think about how I am affected others with the way I see things.

Care About Yourself.

It is important to be self-aware and to not blame yourself when you know you’ve done wrong. I also believe it is more important not to blame others, but often forget how much energy I waste by doing so. The old saying, ‘you can’t fight fire with fire’ is not one I live used to live by, but in this sense it can save you the emotional stress and energy of using your ‘fire.’ You can choose to fight with people and blame others your whole life but no one is choosing to do that but you. And this is exactly why you might end up blaming yourself. Are you confused yet?

The time and energy used to blame yourself and others on events of the past can be better spent on your plans in the present.

emriyus. Don’t Blame Yourself. 2021

I do not blame anyone, or anything, or God. To move forward and stay in the present you can only own the things you have done. I do my best to be aware when I make a mistake, own it, apologize if I have to. I need to move on and find out what really intrigues me. We all should think about doing that. Ask yourself how you want to be remembered as a hint to what you want to live for. What kind of movies do you like and why? Are you an animal person? I’m intrigued by movies and animals. Both of them I can relate to almost all the time and it makes me think. I learn more about myself every time I encounter an animal or watch a movie.

It takes time to care for yourself but you have the capability to do so. You can do nothing or anything. Whatever your thoughts encourage you to believe… there is always more to learn.

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I am human, just like you. I have been around for 20 years and although it may not be a lot of time to some, it feels like I've been alive forever. To cope with all the things my life has given me; good and bad, I've always been a writer. Maybe I didn't know or necessarily want to be a writer, but I was always on the creative side, not really understanding how different I was from others; I'm really not that different from you. To this day I'm still eager to learn more about myself, to improve and grow amorphously. I want to use this fuel of constant self-discovery as the direct source of 'energy' that can create whatever I want it to, making writing for me a healthier coping mechanism than most I've tried in my lifetime. That being said, I believe that starting my blog, The Existentialist, (all thanks to Wordpress and Bluehost teams) I finally have the opportunity and creative outlet to unleash my passion for art; writing. The beginning is never easy, and it won't get much easier I am aware. I can only believe in myself and keep my expectations to a minimum; I like to believe I hold no expectations, but they seem unavoidable. To whoever reads this, I'm not one to care about views or reads, I won't encourage/pressure you to read my work because for me, the thrill really comes from just making a finished piece of work I'm happy with, regardless if it is read by others or not; judgement from others is what I've feared all my life. I can only encourage you to have an open mind as a reader and believe in me as much as I believe in myself to accumulate the courage to start showing my creative writing(art) to the world. Everybody creates things in their lifetime, I am just another one of those beings; whether you like it or not, nouns (persons, places and 'things') exist to teach us something about ourselves. There is always more to learn...

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