Revolution: A Poem.

We have big dreams.

We want to spark a change.

Start a revolution against the boss of bosses.

Expose what’s been shoved beneath the surface.

But time is running out.

Our dreams are fading away.

Everything we’ve ever wanted was never here to stay.

The change we want to spark.

Like lighting a fire in the dark.

When it’s pouring rain.

No match or rocks to ignite this flame.

The children cried.

A revolution has come.

People have died.


*post edit coming soon I’m super busy at my day job… spare me :’)

Stay Rad

Published by emriyus

I’m human just like you. With emotions, traumas, happy and sad experiences we all have a story to tell. We all are existentialists at some point in our lives, questioning the meaning to it and why we must go on. There is no real reason why, yet we all create our own meaning to life the more we live; the more we experience. The reason I created this website for myself was to give my life meaning, we’ve all done it. For more info on my art you can visit my Instagram page @kemriyus @allthelgbt and a custom clothing line created by my partner and I @lsddesignr. Your existence is important, don’t forget that. Stay Rad, Emriyus The Existentialist

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