A lot of things have changed, if it isn’t obvious enough from my lack of posting. I have so many drafts saved yet none of them are ready to be published.

Speaking of changes… the website host, WordPress has been doing a hell of a job with JetPack on updating the mobile app. Making it easier for people like me to access their website from their phone, able to edit and work a lot easier and faster when I’m on the road (which is a lot). They explain the changes they made on their website:

“After listening to a lot of feedback around varying expectations, we settled on creating two options for you to WordPress on the go.
The WordPress app’s focus will shift to a closer-to-core publishing and site management experience.
The Jetpack app will have the same focus on publishing, but you’ll also have the added benefit of powerful site management and growth tools.”

JetPack x WordPress
You can

A big part of this switch is the new writing prompts that have been thoughtfully added for us who struggle with writers block on the daily. Thanks to this prompt I felt this creative urge to post something—anything, today, proof that prompts do work!

The prompt today is…

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

It feels weird to have something named after me, just the thought of it sounds odd. Though if I could, I would want it to be something that contributed to my values. Possibly a philosophical theory since I love philosophy, or a food (dish) named after me would be cool because I’m a foodie at heart.

On a much larger activist scale… working towards low income homes and condos that can support the homeless population where I grew up. If one of them could be named after me it would be a huge milestone for homeless youth and raise awareness to who I am; a youth who raised himself and went through hell to make sure other youth didn’t have to.

Comment on this post what you think! <3

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

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I’m human just like you. With emotions, traumas, happy and sad experiences we all have a story to tell. We all are existentialists at some point in our lives, questioning the meaning to it and why we must go on. There is no real reason why, yet we all create our own meaning to life the more we live; the more we experience. The reason I created this website for myself was to give my life meaning, we’ve all done it. For more info on my art you can visit my Instagram page @kemriyus @allthelgbt and a custom clothing line created by my partner and I @lsddesignr. Your existence is important, don’t forget that. Stay Rad, Emriyus The Existentialist

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