You can call me by my pen name, Emriyus, The Existentialist, or both.

If you are unaware, a pen name (nom de plume) or pseudonym is a name, specifically a fake one used by a writer or artist with intent to hide their real name used in their personal life.

I started this website as an outlet for my thoughts and the art I create. My main goal here is to help myself continue creating my meaning of life. Maybe it could help others too.

I write about a variety of topics… from my personal life experiences to philosophical theories and homemade recipes. I keep existentialism* in mind when I write and am always looking to learn new things. That said, there is always more to learn.

*existentialism is a philosophical theory and the study of existence; being. The belief that our individual freedom, choices and experiences create our individual meaning of life. I personally believe this to be true, and that human beings do change through experience, their individual choices and actions through freedom; free will, the ability to choose.

Want to know more?

I have written a few blog posts about my life more in depth, not just my personal life, but what fascinates me art and philosophy, especially in the present day. You will find more about the artist in the blog post here, or browse more posts below.

Let’s create together.

It’s important you should know I’d love to hear ideas from you to inspire my next blog post and/or portfolio updates each week. Anything you want to know about? Any questions or comments about The Existentialist? Feel free to get in touch through my contact page and I will answer anything I receive.

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