Freehand One-of-a-Kind Line Art

Black Ink

Riddle for Thought:

I am tall. I am wide. I am heavy. I take short strides. You can see me, sometimes you can’t. I can be heard if I want to be and if you let me. There’s much more about me to know that you may never find out. What am I?

find the answer on the blog somewhere…

White Acrylic + The Oldies

Let’s create together.

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me here whichever way is best for you. Since I am working the night shift, I will do my best do reply within a full 24hr day.

Experience Anything Crazy?

It’s important you should know I’d love to hear ideas from you to inspire my next blog post or portfolio updates. I’d love to take your experience or dream and turn it into a form of visual art. If you feel intrigued don’t hesitate to message me.

Anything you want to know about?

Anything you think I should know about? Any questions or comments about The Existentialist? Get in touch through my contact page via email or twitter and I will answer anything I receive.


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