Do You Mind The Mind?

The past month or so has been a blast, I don’t want to believe it’s May…. almost half the year is gone. Another part of me does want to believe that we are halfway through the year, not even six months in yet and most people I talk to are already wanting the new yearContinue reading “Do You Mind The Mind?”

“LGBT Youth in Care” pt.1

It’s time to come out with it. I’m turning 21 this year and have been in and out of care since I was a child. Being in the system as a child is a challenge all on it’s own, then add being queer¹ on top of that it’s an extra weight that no one wouldContinue reading ““LGBT Youth in Care” pt.1”

Parents… and the holidays.

Support my blog by adding your email below 🙂 you will only get emails when I upload a new post, and The Existentialist Newsletter sent the last day at every month to supporters. This includes BTS info, update and store discounts!! I am rather forgetful, so don’t worry about spam mail. Parents are responsible forContinue reading “Parents… and the holidays.”

Ghetto Speech for the SOUL 0.1

Does anyone ever walk into your DM’s offering to help you discover the path of your soul?  Recently, I’ve been getting more of these (always around the holidays) and it’s been itching at me to create a post about it. I tend to weave this soul topic into the W.I.Ps I’m writing. This topic ofContinue reading “Ghetto Speech for the SOUL 0.1”

The Irony of Implications.

If you aren’t a believer, you don’t have an imagination. That is one example of an implication, and I have listed others below. The idea of implying in life is one we can’t seem to avoid and I’ve noticed, the more that I write, the more implications arise. If you don’t like tomatoes, you mustContinue reading “The Irony of Implications.”

Existentialism in Stoic Quotes: Part 3

PRACTICE GRATITUDE “We humans are unhappy in large part because we are insatiable; after working hard to get what we want, we routinely lose interest in the object of our desire. Rather than feeling satisfied, we feel a bit bored, and in response to this boredom, we go on to form even grander desires.” WILLIAMContinue reading “Existentialism in Stoic Quotes: Part 3”

Credit Don’t Copy

I was hesitant to write about copyright because I’m aware not many people see my work. I do feel like that will change soon, but regardless if you are reading this post take it as a reminder, rather than a warning. From now on you will see this, COPYRIGHT © 2021 THE EXISTENTIALIST at theContinue reading “Credit Don’t Copy”