Fiction Within Reality

There’s something we have in common, neither one of us can explain. That itself we have in common, for others it’s our name. The name of the game we play with each other, comparing and competing, well then we are exposed. There’s something we all have in common, yet nobody knows. – emriyus © THEContinue reading “Fiction Within Reality”

How Could You Believe: A Poem.

My heart is pounding, How could they believe it be true. All I’ve ever wanted was to spend time with you. Watching you grow so much, I don’t even blink. If I do I could miss such a beautiful ‘thing’ —now that don’t ring right. You’re a beautiful soul, I bet no one has everContinue reading “How Could You Believe: A Poem.”

Revolution: A Poem.

We have big dreams. We want to spark a change. Start a revolution against the boss of bosses. Expose what’s been shoved beneath the surface. But time is running out. Our dreams are fading away. Everything we’ve ever wanted was never here to stay. The change we want to spark. Like lighting a fire inContinue reading “Revolution: A Poem.”

Less IS More.

The feeling of desire is out there and we all feel it on the human level of perception. It’s common for us to desire a companion; the stereotypical modern lifestyle, which if you think about it, isn’t so modern after all. The “working man” and “motherly housewife of a woman” is what we are taughtContinue reading “Less IS More.”

Writing Prompts

I have had trouble getting posts finished although I have many of them started and almost done I still haven’t got around to completing them to post. Because of this I have been left with tons of writing prompts I’ve been using that have helped me get my creative energy flowing. Those rare times IContinue reading “Writing Prompts”


As the layers of an onion make me cry, the layers of life are making me die. Peeling back the layers one by one, my skin becomes sensitive but that is not me. I believe I see what others can’t see, through layers of sensitivity the light creeps in. I feel the light become heatContinue reading “Mirage.”

Water. A Poem: The Finale.

APPROX READ: 2 minutes Finished artwork for this poem is on the portfolio and in the gallery, be sure to read the the first two poems if you haven’t already. To myself, water is a story being told. Spoken word more than a poem. I have learned in writing this poem that people are similarContinue reading “Water. A Poem: The Finale.”

Water. A Poem: Part 2

APPROX READ: 30 SECONDS The way this off-white water flows, nobody knows. Where will the wet monster will go, this time. How it’s transformed, becoming one with the ground, the rain kept pouring down, down, drop by drop. It started to flood the hole in ground, by dusk the water covered the land around. ThroughoutContinue reading “Water. A Poem: Part 2”