Ghetto Speech for the SOUL 0.1

Does anyone ever walk into your DM’s offering to help you discover the path of your soul?  Recently, I’ve been getting more of these (always around the holidays) and it’s been itching at me to create a post about it. I tend to weave this soul topic into the W.I.Ps I’m writing. This topic ofContinue reading “Ghetto Speech for the SOUL 0.1”

Fiction Within Reality

There’s something we have in common, neither one of us can explain. That itself we have in common, for others it’s our name. The name of the game we play with each other, comparing and competing, well then we are exposed. There’s something we all have in common, yet nobody knows. – emriyus © THEContinue reading “Fiction Within Reality”

Water. A Poem: The Finale.

APPROX READ: 2 minutes Finished artwork for this poem is on the portfolio and in the gallery, be sure to read the the first two poems if you haven’t already. To myself, water is a story being told. Spoken word more than a poem. I have learned in writing this poem that people are similarContinue reading “Water. A Poem: The Finale.”