The Irony of Implications.

If you aren’t a believer, you don’t have an imagination.

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That is one example of an implication, and I have listed others below. The idea of implying in life is one we can’t seem to avoid and I’ve noticed, the more that I write, the more implications arise.

If you don’t like tomatoes, you must hate ketchup.

They always tell you to show, not tell the reader your story, in which case implying the obvious or unknown actually helps progress the story a lot (at least in my own personal experience).

When the sunsets, it rises.
When the moon rises, it sets. Balloons are blown up, only to be popped.
Someone called you stupid, but it proved your intelligence.
A good thing happens, then something bad happens.
You say, “I like the city!” But all I hear is “I don’t like the suburbs”
You stand for gay rights, you must be liberal.
You claim to be atheist, therefore you believe in no God but yourself.
You claim you do not have control over your life, therefore there must be a higher power controlling life itself.
The superstore is open, implying it will close at some point.
You’re 33 years old, implying you will be 44 and have been 11.

Here’s a conversation of implications,
“I want pizza.”
*implying you won’t be satisfied with anything but pizza

Let’s go out for pizza then.”
*implying they want to go out to eat

“I don’t want to go out.”
*implying they want to stay in and order

“Well I’m not calling them”
*implying they don’t want to order if they stay inside

I can’t say for sure, but it seems reasonable to say most of our conversations we have in life are using the irony of implications. This isn’t good, nor bad, rather a neutral way to compromise with any human being. It doesn’t always work though, because there is a very thin line between assumptions and implications.

Side note: if we can’t learn to pick up on these implications, and assume wrong, the conversation usually turns into an argument.

Drawing coming soon, I am currently at my day job but will be back to blog work as soon as I can. Please be patient 🤍 and stay Rad. You are loved.

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I’m human just like you. With emotions, traumas, happy and sad experiences we all have a story to tell. We all are existentialists at some point in our lives, questioning the meaning to it and why we must go on. There is no real reason why, yet we all create our own meaning to life the more we live; the more we experience. The reason I created this website for myself was to give my life meaning, we’ve all done it. For more info on my art you can visit my Instagram page @kemriyus @allthelgbt and a custom clothing line created by my partner and I @lsddesignr. Your existence is important, don’t forget that. Stay Rad, Emriyus The Existentialist

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