Black and White Thinking Trap

Why are people afraid of the dark? Why are people afraid of the light? In death? This is how the contrast of life, black and white, good and bad relate to each other and our own individual ideologies of success. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve figured out by now that I love quotes. Here’s one to start me off…

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. I’m here, I know I’m here, I’m going there and I know I am going to get there. I don’t know how I’m going to get there, but I’m going to get there.”

originally from Earl Nightingale(1921-1989), later said by Bob Proctor(1934-present)

There are so many videos, podcasts and books out there for self-help resources, claiming to be the thing you need to change your life. They never tell you that for it to be successful you need to progressively work towards that goal, whatever you bought the book for, or watched the video for needs to keep you going until you get there. That is the success, putting the work in. You need to believe you’ll get there. Everything is up in the air, it’s all a big question mark (?) and that is okay as long as you know where you’re going. All these sayings,

“Keep your head up!”

“You can do it!”

“If you believe you can, you’re already more than halfway there!”

original art design by KEWB, 2021

Do we ever listen to any of them? Is there such thing as trying? To me, there isn’t.

If life is so black and white, with this looming cloud of contrast above us, it is only what we do and what we don’t do in life. The gray area can be considered trying, although it is in deciding if we do or if we don’t. This decision between the big bad and the greater good. That’s all we’ve ever been taught in Western society, there’s only two sides and you’re on one of them whether you like it or not here. That doesn’t make it true though, we have a choice, which leaves us with this gray area of the contrast. We can’t keep taking this gray area for granted, and start using the time we have alive to do things, or to not do them. Either way, we can’t stay in the same spot forever. If you read my last post Parents… and the holidays. you’d have a better idea of what I’m trying to get across here.

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I am human, just like you. I have been around for 20 years and although it may not be a lot of time to some, it feels like I've been alive forever. To cope with all the things my life has given me; good and bad, I've always been a writer. Maybe I didn't know or necessarily want to be a writer, but I was always on the creative side, not really understanding how different I was from others; I'm really not that different from you. To this day I'm still eager to learn more about myself, to improve and grow amorphously. I want to use this fuel of constant self-discovery as the direct source of 'energy' that can create whatever I want it to, making writing for me a healthier coping mechanism than most I've tried in my lifetime. That being said, I believe that starting my blog, The Existentialist, (all thanks to Wordpress and Bluehost teams) I finally have the opportunity and creative outlet to unleash my passion for art; writing. The beginning is never easy, and it won't get much easier I am aware. I can only believe in myself and keep my expectations to a minimum; I like to believe I hold no expectations, but they seem unavoidable. To whoever reads this, I'm not one to care about views or reads, I won't encourage/pressure you to read my work because for me, the thrill really comes from just making a finished piece of work I'm happy with, regardless if it is read by others or not; judgement from others is what I've feared all my life. I can only encourage you to have an open mind as a reader and believe in me as much as I believe in myself to accumulate the courage to start showing my creative writing(art) to the world. Everybody creates things in their lifetime, I am just another one of those beings; whether you like it or not, nouns (persons, places and 'things') exist to teach us something about ourselves. There is always more to learn...

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